Empowering Your Assets

Brandon Johnson
Insurance Representative
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Lifetime security for you and your family

Stop for a moment to reflect on everything you've worked hard for in your life - your home, your car, your family's security. You may even have a recreational vehicle or a boat for family getaways. And, if you're reading this, you probably have adequate Auto, Home, and Life insurance coverage.

So chances are, you'll never have to worry about exposure to large liability losses. But what if...?

In today's society, no one is exempt from large liability losses. Let's face it: people are growing more willing to sue every day. The bottom line is: It can happen to you. If it does, I can help you get back where you belong.

In the event of a large liability loss, would you want maximum coverage or are you willing to assume some risk?

An Umbrella Extends Your Protection


1 Million Dollar Umbrella = $180 Year!